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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chicken Crescent Roll Casserole

OMGosh! This is so Good! This dish is very flavorful! There is no blandness here! I found this, and borrowed it from Kristen over at Tastebook but adapted it to fit our tastes. I tried it out for my husbands Birthday dinner last night, and he loved it! We need to have this again soon!
This will serve 3-4 people depending on how hungry they are, if they are hungry, or men you probably wont have enough! lol But its going to feed the two of us for two nights. :) 

Here is what you need for my version:

1.  8 oz. Can Pillsbury Refrigerated Crescent Dinner Rolls
Sauce Mix 
1.  1 can of Cream of Chicken
2.  3/4 Cup of  Fine Shred Mozzarella Cheese
3.  1/4 Cup of Fine Shred Cheddar Cheese
4.  1/2 Cup Whipping Cream 
5.  Pepper to taste

1.  4 ounces cream cheese, softened
2.  4 Tablespoons Butter, softened (not melted)
3.  1/2 Teaspoon of Garlic Powder
4.  2 Large Chicken Breasts,chopped
5.  1/2 Cup Fine Shred Mozzarella Cheese
6.  1/4 Cup Fine Shred Cheddar Cheese
7.  1/2 Teaspoon of Seasoned Salt
8.  Pepper to Taste
9.  2-4 Tablespoons of Whipping Cream
10.1/2 Cup of Mozzarella/ Cheddar Cheese for sprinkling on top.

Pre-heat Oven to 350°  Spray casserole dish with non stick spray.
(I used a 13x9 pan, it held 8 Crescents) 
In a sauce pan heat the Cream of Chicken, 3/4 Cup and 1/4 Cup of Cheese & 1/2 Cup of Whipping Cream just until the cheese melts (don't boil)
Mix the Cream Cheese and Butter together in a bowl, stir until smooth. Make sure Cream Cheese and Butter is soft, as it makes it easier to mix. Add the garlic powder, Chicken and 1/2Cup and 1/4 Cup of Cheese's, mix thoroughly. Add 2 Tablespoons of Whipping Cream, you may add more if it seems dry. Add Seasoning Salt and Pepper, stir.
In the greased Casserole dish  put a dollop of the Sauce Mix where each Crescent is going to go (I just put a thin layer on the whole dish)
Unroll the Crescent Rolls and scoop about 2 or so ( heaping)Tablespoons full of the filling mixture on to the wide end of Crescent. Start rolling from the wide end and place the seam side down in the casserole dish. Once done and all the Crescents are in the dish, drizzle Sauce Mix on top of Crescents. Mine was kind of thick so it was had to drizzle lol but do the best you can :) Sprinkle remaining 1/2 Cup Of Mozzarella/Cheddar Cheese on top. Bake 30 minutes.

I think next time I'm going to skip putting the Sauce mix on top until it bakes for about 15-20 min. then add the Sauce and Cheese and bake another 15 min. I don't mind the doughy-ness but my hubby doesn't like it :/ (he sure didn't mind last night though cause he ate them up!! lol Oh and he added more cheese (as if there wasn't enough) to a few of his...cause he's a cheesy kind of guy hehehe (Thanks Kristen!)

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  1. I can't wait to try this! Thanks for the tips :)

  2. am so looking forward to making these.. saw it on the other site but love making adjustments post someone elses experience with a recipe!! thanks for the tips :)

    1. You are so welcome :) And you will love these, so good!

  3. Love them! Thanks for sharing! They are definitely better if you cook them for 20 minutes and then add the sauce. I don't like them to be doughy either :)

    1. @Anonymous ~ Thanks for sharing your experience! Its always nice to hear some feedback from my readers :)

  4. Yum! May I ask how big or small you cut up the chicken breasts?

    1. Hi Ro,
      I cubed them, but you could shred it also or have bigger chunks. I guess its more a preference.
      Let me know how yours turned out!

  5. How did you cook your chicken?

  6. Hi Melette
    I think that time I just boiled it, but it would probably be good pan fried (already cubed) also its good cooked on the grill.
    Good luck, let me know how yours turns out (and which way you decided to cook it)

  7. I used your suggestion and baked them for 15 minutes without the sauce on top first... turned out perfect! I also broiled it the last 5 minutes :)

    1. I'm glad you liked them!! I think I will give broiling a try also, Thanks for the suggestion. :)

  8. Your recipe calls for whipping cream. What comes to mind is Cool Whip.....can you be more specific so I don't mess up the recipe? Thanks!

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      You can find whipping cream in the dairy aisle, usually around where the dairy creamer is or half n half. It kind of looks like the little milks we got in school. They also have "heavy cream" in some stores, and thats fine to use also.
      I bought some whipping cream today, I am making this also :) and a cheese danish Posted in recipes) for my neighbors, that also calls for whipping cream. If I don't think I'll use it up for anything, I'll put it in my coffee, makes it rich ;)
      I'll post a picture above ^
      Thanks for asking!!

  9. Hello! I am looking forward to making this tomorrow. I have made a chicken puff recipe in the past but was looking to change it up. This sounds yummy!! Could milk be a substitute for the whipping cream?

    1. I'm sure milk could be substituted, it just might not be as rich?
      It wouldnt hurt to try...sorry about my slow response..did you already try?

  10. I made these last night and with just 2 of us had a lot leftover, would love to have them again tonight but am not too optimistic about this particular dish reheating to well, any experience with that? Any help would be great. Thanks Noele

    1. They are still good the next night, as you probably found out, sorry for the delayed answer! They arent as good as the first night but still very good...


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