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Friday, March 9, 2012

My Mom's All Day Roast

Growing up as a kid, I did not like this roast at all! I felt like we had it Every week....of coarse we didn't, but we had it often, because its convenient, and oh sooo good (as I realized as an adult) When I asked my mom for the recipe she was shocked!! She said, You never liked this roast!!? lol 

Let me tell you, anyone who I have ever made this roast for absolutely loved it, even my kids love it, its one of their favorites! I made it for my husband's  family when we were dating, and he tore it up! haha :D (if you have read some of my earlier posts you might remember he's the one who doesn't like onions!)

You can do this in a crock pot (it kind of hard to cover all the ingredients with enough liquid) but I feel it works best in the oven...

Updated 10-9-12
I have a newer post on this roast Here , there are way better pictures on the newer post. ;)

Here is what you need:
1. English Cut Roast (biggest one I can find)
2. 2-3 Cans of Green Beans (I use French Cut, any brand)
3. 2-3 Cans of Whole White Potatoes (any brand)
4. 1 packet of Lipton Onion Soup Mix
5. (Optional) add some Baby Carrots or (my mom sometimes used frozen    Pearl Onions)
7. Pan large enough to hold it all (13x9 isn't big enough!)
Place the veggies around the roast

I prefer canned potatoes as they hold together better, fresh potatoes seem to get grainy and fall apart...just my opinion.

Turn oven on to 200 degree's... meanwhile in a pan place the roast in the middle, open your canned veggies and drain (don't drain 1 can of the green beans juice for the liquid) surround the roast with the canned veggies(adding the juice from green beans.) Sprinkle packet of Lipton Onion Soup Mix on the whole thing.
Add about a can of water, slowly pour over whole thing. Make sure you have enough liquid in bottom, that comes at least half way up the roast! Cover with foil and cook at least 6-8 hours. 
Sometimes I have to add more green beans and potatoes as those seem to go fast (also it seems like there isn't very many potatoes in the cans) and there is usually no leftover's, depending on who is over for dinner :) 

You can put this in the oven, go to work and it will be done when you get home, that's why my mom liked it! Ohh and the smell that greets you when you walk in the door! 
This roast just falls apart when cooked long enough and the potatoes and green beans take on the flavoring of the soup... 
Your family will love ♥♥ this!!

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