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My name is Carol, I am happily married, my husband, ♥ Chris and I have 4 Children between the two of us, Cody & Chelsea, Ashli & Michael. We have two grandchildren....  we also have two, 4 legged children Ozzy & Charlie (brothers from another mother) Ozzy is from Ohio and Charlie is from Alabama, yet they have almost identical markings on their head!?? Ozzy is white with tan markings and Charlie is tan with white weird!  
My Family@Tannehill State Park 
Our 4 legged Children ;)
Ozzy & Charlie

I am originally from Northern Ohio (Akron Area)  I really hated  shoveling tons of snow off the driveway every winter, just to go somewhere!  I do not miss that part, at all! 
I met my husband (who has lived in Alabama all his life) and in 2010, I moved south. I love the weather here! Except the 90 + degree weather in the summer. Lol I love the winter here. Its gets cold but not like in the North! 

I like to do all sorts of crafts, I love gardening, and cooking, decorating, and cleaning (not) ;) I love working on computers, fixing them or surfing on the net. I also have a dry sense of humor, sometimes people who don't know me, don't know how to take me, they don't know if I'm kidding, or not...I usually am  :D

Most of all I like to save money, even if I have money I don't like to spend it, so I am always trying to get good deals, or go without until there is a deal. I would say I'm pretty frugal ;)

My husband and our dogs live in a small town that is smack dab in the middle of Alabama. We, not so long ago, bought our house. We are going to enjoy remodeling/painting/landscaping our new home. Trust me, there is a lot to do!  I can't wait! I have soooo many idea's!!! Plus I'm getting some very good idea's from Pinterest....I love Pinterest!!


By the way, I love seeing people from my home state (OHIO) on here!! So Say Hey and leave me a comment!

If you need to get a hold me,or have a question, you can send a email to:


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