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Monday, March 5, 2012

Homemade Dawn Direct Foam

This is so simple, its stupid!!  If you like Dawn Direct Foam, but hate buying the refills because of the price, then you will LOVE this!! I do, because it lasts forever!  And it saves you tons of $$

Don't Buy This...Make Your Own! :)
fyi: Did you know that Dawn Direct Foam is mostly made up of water!? Yep, it is...

Okay are you
ready for this? Easy, Peasy!

UPDATED  Recipe 3/31/12
I found I was using more squirts of foam than before, so when I filled the bottle again, I did use more dawn this time, but its still cheaper and goes a lot further than the refills you buy at the store... I could make probably 10 or more refills with one bottle of dawn.

Here is what you need:

1. Your empty Dawn Direct Foam Dispenser
2. 1/4 -1/3 Cup of Dawn Ultra Concentrated Soap 
3. Water
That's it....really, it is :)

Fill the bottle with water just below the "Fill" line, add the 4 tablespoons of Dawn, add more water to the fill line, and gently swirl the mixture around till it mixed up. Pump away...

*You may use a different Dish Soap, but I prefer Dawn...after all if it gets the greasy oil off the wildlife in oil spills, it should do a great job on dishes and anything else you use it on, right?  ;)

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  1. By far, one of my favorite DIYs found on Pinterest! Thank You!!!!

    1. You are so welcome!
      And its sooo inexpensive to do,that's almost the best part!

    2. Thanks for help to conserve and make my footprint a bit smaller.

      Mae, SC

    3. Mae,
      Your Welcome! :) every little bit helps

  2. You can do the same with pump hand soap.

    1. Anonymous,
      ;) I did it with some antibacterial soap in our master bath, works great

  3. Great idea! I am actually going to measure the amount of water needed then mix in another container so you can use all the Dawn on the spoon. You have made me a happy girl :)

    1. Anonymous,
      LOL! Glad I could make you happy ;)
      I just eyeball it now.. squirt some in and add water and shake it up. You'll get to that point too

  4. Thanks, you came up near top via google search!

    1. I learned a little SEO from my former boss ;)
      Thanks for searching me, glad you stopped by, and come back again anytime! :))

  5. I have a empty 31 fl oz Direct Foam refill bottle I have been carrying around in the car for weeks, to remind me to buy more, but my usual sources don't have any. I got online to see where to purchase refills when I found your site. I love the idea of making my own and I'm ready to try it.
    I would like to make a big enough batch to fill my 31 oz refill bottle. How much Dawn Super concentrate do I add to make 31 ozs?? Is there a % your recommend? My dispenser is 10 fl oz, so I'm going to assume I want 1 cup of SC for 31 oz? Does that sound about right?
    Thank you for your help, I'm anxious to try it...

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      Sorry its taken so long to get back to you!
      1 cup should do it, if you feel like you need more or less you can always add a little more soap or if its to strong you can add a little more water. Isn't it great to make your own!? I just always make sure to have enough Dawn on hand for all my DIY things I make with it lol
      Ps. I hope you love it!! Let me know what you think!

  6. The key to continue to get good "foam" after refilling several times is to clean the pump. On the back side of the top portion of the pump, there is an open slot. This is where the pump draws air to mix with the soap to make foam. Over time it gets gummy and doesn't perform as well, leading to messy foam. I always run hot water into the slot and manually pull the dispenser head up and down numerous times, which flushes out that "air draw" area. Keep doing it until it dispenses freely, then put the tube end in a glass of hot water and pump numerous times to clean everything out.


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