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Monday, October 15, 2012

Making a Paper Peony (Tutorial)

These are so pretty! I came across Michella Marie's tutorial and I had to try it!!  I couldn't wait to run out and get the wire and floral tape! Everything else, I had on hand. :) 
They were fun to make and it was quick and easy with a satisfying end result!!
I dyed the first ones pink, with the pink neon gel food coloring. I really didn't care for those, they didn't look very realistic to me, but I used those pictures in the tutorial anyways.

Since purple is my favorite color, I think I'll do a few in purple just to see if they turn out.  ¯\(°_o)/¯  If they look good I'll post a few pictures...

Also next time I'm going to cut the "petals" a little different (wavy) to see how that looks. :)

Each flower took about 10-15 minutes to make, total!
I think the longest part was waiting for the pink ones to dry!

What you need:

Coffee Filters (I used 6 filters for each flower, 3 small ones that I cut, and 3 normal size) you can use more filters if you want a fuller flower :)
Floral Wire (I used 18 inch 18 gage)
Floral Tape
Glue (I used hot glue,but you can use any kind)
Needle Nose Pliers
Food Color (optional)

 I used the 3 1/4 inch filters (6-12 cup size) for all of my petals, and cut  a 1/2 inch off  3 of them to make the "smaller" size. My end flower size was about as big as my hand, stretched out...give or take a little. You can use the larger paper filters (5 1/4 inch) but this is just what I had on hand, and what I use in my coffee maker.

For the 3, inner smaller filters, this is when I cut them down to the "smaller" size.

be careful not to cut yourself on this step!

Making the Flower...
Start out by cutting your wire to length, I cut mine to 6 inches, then using  your needle nose pliers, curl one end of wire.

Poke a hole in the center of your 1st filter.

Slide the wire down to the loop.

 add a drop of glue.

Pinch and twist the base.

Add a drop of glue at the base (not shown) and continue adding your small filters.

When you have added all the small filters, wrap the base with some floral tape, before you start on the larger filters.

You don't have to wrap the whole wire at this time, just the base, for now

Add another drop of glue (not shown) and begin with the larger filters and repeat with the drop of glue between each filter, until you have added them all. After adding your last filter, using the floral tape, wrap the base, and continue down the whole wire.

All done :)

Make some more...

All White

White with random pink spots

Add pink spots

White with pink center with dark pink spots
Love These!!

This was fun, Thanks Michella! Cant wait to make more....
Let me know how yours turn out!


  1. what do you mean by small filters. I have all larger filters or should I say filters for my Mr. Coffee what would be the small ones. By the way these are beautiful and I want to make a few for my daughters room.

    1. Hi Anna.
      By small ones, I mean the one that I cut a 1/2 inch off of, maybe I need to clarify that.
      The ones that I used and that I have on hand are 3 1/4 inches (6-12 cup size) I know you can also get other sizes like 5 1/4.
      The Mr. Coffee ones you have might be the 3 1/4 size, does it say on the package? If so those will work, just cut about a half inch off of three or so of them and those are your smaller ones.
      Sorry for the confusion, if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask...

    2. Anna,
      I re-worded it, see if it makes more sense now

  2. Yes mine are the 3 1/4 in ones. The instructions make perfect sense now thank you for answering for me. I have used alot of your tutorials and this one by far is my favorite so far. Can't wait to make these pretty flowers.

    1. I'm glad they make more sense now! You won't be disappointed! I'm going to make maybe some light pink ones (dark didn't look real to me) and some purple :) I'll post pics if they are good. Thanks for your return visits!!


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