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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Homemade Baby Wipes

I've been making these since my kids were infants, my oldest is 19! They sure do save you some money in the long run! I used them for Everything, hand wiping, face wiping, and butt wiping. They came in handy in the car lots of times. I had a big ole Rubbermaid container that a half a roll of paper towels fit perfect in. I even had a wipe warmer, cause lets face it those suckers can be cold!
 My "recipe" is a little different that what I have  seen, I add a little alcohol to help preserve them longer (I don't seem to go through them as fast now days) and it never seemed to burn their little bottoms :)
**Just a note of caution, these baby wipes are NOT suppose to be flushed!! Especially if you have a septic system! Bounty Paper Towels (or any other  brand of paper towels for that matter) don't break down fast enough and it will clog your pipes, so please Don't flush!!!!...!

What you will need:
1. Measuring cup
2. Sharp Serrated Knife (long enough to cut through the paper towels)
3. Cutting Board
4. 3 or 4 Qt Container (round or square)
5. Roll of Bounty Paper Towels (some prefer select-a-size, but I like the  regular ones for these, but its your call which ones you would prefer)
6. 2 Tbls. Baby Shampoo or Baby Wash (generic is fine)
7. 2 Tbls. Baby Oil 
8. 1 Tbls. Alcohol  (optional)
91 1/2 to 2 cups Water

Cut Paper towels in half.

Put one half of the paper towels in the container.

Mix the water, oil, shampoo, and alcohol in the measuring cup, and gently stir as to not make it bubble up to much.
Slowly pour on and all around the paper towel, make sure to get the cardboard part a little bit too. Don't worry about the cardboard it will come out easily once its wet.

Cover and let it sit about 5 minutes then flip the paper towels over and wait another 5 minutes. The card board should come out at this time. Pull the center paper towel out a little and your all set. :) 

If you need some for the diaper bag, take some out and put then in your travel size container, or simply put them in a Ziplock bag.

I still have my container from way back when, but I saw some containers at Walmart that would work, they are the "Mainstays Home" 4 Qt Square container, I'm thinking they were around 3.00 for a 2 pack.
I still use these, except they are "adult" wipes now, and I sure wish I still had the wipe warmer, our wipes live on the marble bathroom floor and they are Not! warm. ;)

Update! 9-27-12

I have tried the "Viva" brand paper towel on these wipes, its so much more like cloth! So soft!!
You may have to use just a little bit more water. I have made two batches and on the 1st one I had to add a little over 2 cups of water, on the 2nd batch it was good right at 2 cups. So just be aware that you may have to add a little more if they don't feel wet enough, or if some of the paper towels don't look wet.

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  1. These wipes make a great baby shower gift! This is all I used when my son was a baby and the only reason I used them is because I received the recipe and the first "batch" as a shower gift. I probably wouldn't have tried to make them if I didn't get them to begin with. Since them, I've passed the gift along including all the ingredients as gifts in a nice basket.

    1. Good Idea for a shower gift! I loved them (and still do!) when my kids were small, so handy..

  2. I've seen these wipes made by others.I would love to make them but all of the recipes I've seen call for baby oil. My kids and I are allergic to anything with mineral oil so we can't use baby oil. Is there something you would recommend that I could substitute?

    1. You could try any one of these..
      * Sweet Almond Oil-(good for sensitive skin) its rich in essential fatty acid, with Vit. A & E and its very moisturizing.
      * Grapeseed Oil- its light,gentle, has good penetration and absorbes in the skin and carries a low risk of allergy.Popular with massage therapists.
      *Jojoba Oil(also good for sensitive skin) Like grapeseed oil, it is not a nut oil so very suitable for those with sensitive skin. Natural moisturising and has healing properties.
      You also could try
      *Cold Pressed Vegetable Oil

      Personally I would go with either (1st choice)Jojoba or (2nd choice)Grapeseed. Either of these can be purchased at a health food store, or online.

      Hope this helped! Let me know what you decided to try,and how it worked out for you! Good Luck! :)

  3. This is a great idea! We don't have babies here, but I still keep some wipes on hand. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Elaine,
    You are so welcome! These really helped me out when my kids were small and now we have our grand baby, but we use them too :) I love them!
    I found another paper towel brand that works great also(softer), look for the updated post soon!

  5. The alcohol is for? Am a little afraid to used because my son is a sensitive skin

  6. Hi Niho,
    I use the alcohol to help preserve it longer, plus I feel it helps clean their bottoms better ;)
    You can use it or not, its up to you, but there really isn't that much in there.

  7. Glad I found this! One of my little darlings left a bunch wipes out of the bag so they dried up. I didn't want to toss a whole pile! Found this to 'rehydrate' them so we'll see how it works. If it does, then its homemade wipes from now on!

    1. Hi Rita
      You'll love them!! They are much bigger than regular wipes too.
      Thanks for leaving a comment!


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