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Monday, October 14, 2013

Lingerie Chest Makeover

I have been wanting to re-finish my daughters old lingerie chest for awhile now. It was showing its wear and tear, and the bright white that it used to be, was a ugly yellow-ish color,  no matter how much you tried to scrub, it always looked dirty.
I'm slowly getting my craft room (some future posts ahead!) put together and this chest is part of my storage. I have been wanting to try the homemade
chalk paint, but I think I'm saving that for an old hope chest that needs some serious TLC, but cant have to much sanding done to it! 
This dresser has a smooth laminate top and seemed to be dipped in a thin textured laminate coating,(drawers included) and some of it was chipping off. It looked terrible to me. I also have a dresser and a night stand that matches (and they are both in the same sad shape) but that is for another time, and another color   ....

Things you need

Sander- Palm Sander or a Block Sander
Sand Paper (I used 220)
Primer (I didn't use, but its up to you)

Paintbrush, Foam Roller- I used a 1"inch paint brush to "cut in" under the top (where the roller can't reach)
Paint - your choice of colors
Rags - (2) 1 damp rag t-shirt to wipe down after sanding, and a micro fiber to wipe it down after the damp one.
Furniture Paste Wax - optional

I did sand this with the palm sander, just enough to take the shine off the laminate, it wasn't to bad since its textured. I did leave the top alone, as it wasn't textured and it was still in good shape, but lightly sanded everything else. (Sorry no pictures of the process...just before and after)
One of the back legs laminate and a few layers ripped off from me moving it by myself over the yrs. but my hubby glued it back on and used Spackle on the seam. (picture below) Its good as new...well almost   you can't even see it now, that's all that matters!

I gave everything 3 coats of paint using the sponge roller, and let it dry really well in between coats. I did 1 coat a day, 3 days in a row. I didn't use a primer on this piece, I didn't feel like I needed too. I will report back on how it holds up.  I decided to leave the sides and front a Bright White, and to put some color on the drawers like a paint chip card. I kept the old knobs and painted them the same colors as the drawers but interchanged them. I let it all dry for the full curing time (on label) before I assembled it back together. I think I will use some clear furniture wax on it, (either Minwax, or the Johnson Paste Wax) it will help protect the finish!



I'm happy how it turned out! && It LOOKS so much better now!    ツ

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