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Friday, December 14, 2012

Glittered Pine Cone Ornament

As I said in my last post, I had a couple  ornaments to share, and here is the other one....
This one, follow the instructions of my other Pine Cone Ornament until you get to the step where you paint the tips of the pine cone with  color.
With this one though, using a  medium size paint brush brush on some glue, everywhere. Everywhere that you want glitter that is   
 I did mine all over, the more the better! This project is super easy and great to do with the kids!! Kids love glitter (and so do I)
Somebody needs to come up with a non static glitter! Every time I work with glitter, its all over the place! I even tried using some furniture polish wiped on the inside of a plastic bowl and it STILL stuck to it. I tried cookie sheets, wax paper, all to no avail. Sticks to my hands no matter what. I am ordinarily a static-y person, I apparently carry so much static in my body you better not touch me till I touch something else! LOL Especially if I have been in my car! I dunno why?? ¯\(°_o)/¯

Anybody have any tricks to use so glitter doesn't have so much static? Please share!!

Here is what you need:

Pine Cones
White Paint 

Paint Brush
Small Screw Eye Hooks

Thin Ribbon (for the hanging string) **
Medium Ribbon (for the bow) **I just used the same ribbon that I used for my other Pine Cone Ornaments

First I screwed all the eye hooks in the bottoms then I sprayed them all white, I gave them two coats each.
This time, my husband set up a spray booth for me and I used his air compressor and spray gun.   
You can use spray paint though.I painted some of my XL large pine cones that I got from a friends yard, and 1 teeny tiny pine cone (see it hanging in the pic? Isn't it cute!?) and a few large  cones and a few medium ones. The largest one I have measures 8 1/4 inches tall !!!

Hanging Pine Cones...waiting to be decorated :)
Here are a couple pictures of my XL Pine Cone, and one along side of a Medium size

8 1/4 inch Pine Cone
Next step, "paint" glue on the tops and bottom sides of the pine cone. (All over) I can "paint" most of my pine cone except where I'm holding it. (usually about a 1 inch band around the bottom)

Next comes the glitter    sprinkle as much as you like, or as much as the glue will hold, you will find the spots that you didn't apply the glue, you can either  apply more now or when you go back and apply the glue and glitter where your fingers were holding the pine cone. You will get glitter in your glue and on your paint brush if you do it while its still wet, but I didn't mind, so I filled in while wet.

Put as much or as little as you like. I like a lot!

Once its dried and you have as much glitter as you want on there add your hanging ribbon and your bow....

Isn't that pretty!!??

 I can't wait to get the lights on our tree (tonight) to see what it looks like all sparkly and shiny! I'll take more pictures and add them.

Finally added the lighted tree pictures 12-25-12

Here ya go Di  :)

Glitter on....


  1. When are you going to add a picture of your tree with the lights on?

    1. Okay smarty pants Adding one now...
      (don't worry she's my sis) :))


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