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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DIY - Pretty Acorn Ornament

So if you follow my blog, some of you know that I have a ton of pine tree's, hence my  Pine Cone Decoration. Well, I have a bunch of Oak tree's also. I have several different species of Oaks. And these tree's put out a Gajillion acorns, and I mean a Bazillion!! So I thought, "What can I do with some of these??" ¯\(°_o)/¯   I know!  I'll make a ornament with the little "hats"!  ツ

Millions of em' !!

First I collected, what I thought would be enough (believe me, I didn't even put a dent in them!)...then I cleaned them, by letting them soak for a little while in hot soapy water (Dawn of coarse) Then I rinsed them and let them soak in hot water with some vinegar. Let them dry completely on a paper towel. BTW, I didn't collect enough, had to go out and collect more, several times... (¬_¬)

3" Styrofoam Balls
Craft Foam Ornament Hooks
Package say no glue needed, but I want mine permanent... so I glued it.

Craft Foam Ornament Hooks (back side)

Gold Glitter Glue
Clear Spray Paint
Acorn "Hats"

Here is what you need:

3" Styrofoam Balls
Hooks of some sort (I used Craft Foam Ornament Hooks - see picture above)
Brown Paint (spray paint would be best but I didn't have any, so I used my    craft paint)
Acorn "Hats"
Gold Glitter Glue
Clear Spray Paint
Hot Glue Gun (or any kind of craft glue. Hot glue dries fast)

I got the styrofoam balls, the hooks, the ribbon, clear spray paint and the glitter glue at Walmart, but you can find any of these at a craft store.

Dab some glue on the pointy end of the ornament hook and push it into the styrofoam, paint the styrofoam balls and the hook  brown. (I had to do two coats on the balls.) I used a wire to hold the foam while painting. Spray paint would probably be faster, but I didn't have any on hand. I just used my brown craft paint.

You can see the balls in the background have two coats of paint already.
Let them dry...
Once dry start attaching the Acorn "hats" with hot glue (I left the stems on the "lids", applied glue, and poked it into the styrofoam.

Put a dab of glue on the top of the "hat" and poke into foam.
Push "hats" into the foam.
Continue gluing until the whole ball is covered (if I had big gaps, I used the "not quite formed acorns" to fill in) I also used smaller "hats" to fill in.

Not quite formed acorns as gap fillers

Break them apart 
Once you have glue all the "hats" on, Spray with clear coat (I did two coats of clear because I used Satin finish.) Let Dry....

Using the glitter glue I squeezed some glue around the top of a few hats, then with a paintbrush, painted it all around the edges. Continue squeezing glitter glue and painting on all the "hats" until complete. I swiped the insides of the "hats" with a almost dry brush with just a little glitter glue on it, to just give it a hint of glitter.
Let it dry...You may need to go back and apply to spots that you missed, or to just give it a second coat of glitter, up to you.

Once its dry, tie a 8 inch (approximate) piece of ribbon on the hook for the hanging ribbon, and knot it. With a 12-15 inch (approx.) of ribbon, make a bow and glue it to the ornament, close to the hook, making sure not to glue the hanging ribbon, so it can move freely.

Sorry about the focus on this one, but you can see the glitter pretty good in this shot!

Added new picture 12-25-12 of the ornament on my tree

That was fun!

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