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Sunday, August 26, 2012

How To Paint Letters, Made Easy

So I saw this painted sign on Pintrest, that I thought was funny, and followed the link and it took me to Etsy. I liked it so much I decided I needed one for my laundry room, but I wanted to paint one, so I did it myself!  
Now I'm not real good at free hand with lettering, so I found another pin with a tutorial on painting letters on wood, easily. I can thank Jaime over at "That's My Letter" for her tutorial. And I got my idea for the wording  here  on Mackly Wooden Gifts. They have other painted signs as well, very reasonable priced, I might add! 

Oh btw I changed up the last line on my sign, to suit myself, just thought I'd add that in there! :))

I also changed the tutorial a little because the wood I used must have been especially hard as you couldn't see the indent from the pen. So basically you could use this method on just about anything! When I was in grade school, I did this to copy pictures that I wanted to trace. ;)

I used a scrap piece of Luan  that my hubby had out in the garage. I had him drill a couple holes, and I was ready to go!

Pretty piece of Luan

I painted the wood with white, I liked the wood look but thought it would stand out better with a white background. I used a white latex paint.

I found a font I liked, and printed out the wording on paper, and cut the words out.
I used a font called "Ravie" with the font size being 80.

(This next step is where I changed it up, because the Luan (board) was to hard to take the indention of the pen, to trace the words straight onto the wood) 
I flipped the words over and traced the outline with pencil (make sure its pretty dark or you'll have to do this step again) 

 I arranged them on the board, how I wanted them.

Then lightly tape them so they don't move. Be careful not to peal your white paint off when removing tape!!

Then I carefully re-traced them, on the "right" side. I used a pen to trace it with.

You can flip the word up and down to make sure its tracing okay. You might have to go over it a second time in spots.

Continue until you have finished all the wording

I then proceeded to paint all the letters, until I was finished. I used "Folk Art - #2225 Ocean Cruise" for my letter color.

Just a tip...I had a piece of paper covering the penciled words below where I was painting so as to not smudge the pencil outline all over my white.

I put on the finishing touches, then a Satin Clear Coat. And a white nylon rope. All done!

Hung up on the laundry room wall.  :)

Happy Painting!  ;•)


  1. Carol,
    This is so darn cute! I love it!
    : ). Rene

    1. Thanks Rene! I thought it was so funny, had to have one! ;)
      I'm a throw it in the dryer with a damp towel kind of person lol


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