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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Make Your Own Dryer Sheets!

This is so simple, Its almost stupid! And it takes about 5 minutes to make.
I've been using these for about a month now, I "made" two sheets and they have lasted this long! I just re-made some this morning. Granted, I don't have (or do) laundry everyday but still... I would say each sheet was in the dryer for a good 10 loads, each!
Now you might ask, "why don't you just put it in the wash cycle?"  my answer would be, because I think its a waste, it rinses right down the drain. I think this lasts longer, and is (I would think) more cost effective than the dryer sheets that you buy. I haven't done the math, just guessing!
Since I have been using my Homemade Laundry Detergent  and wasn't using  Gain Detergent anymore, this makes it smell just like before. :)

My Fav ♥  :)

Here is what you need:
Liquid Fabric Softener (your choice)
Wash Cloth or cut up squares of Flannel 
A Container

Simply pour some softener on your cloth, make sure it covers the whole thing, squeeze out any extra on the next wash cloth, or back into the bottle. You can make 1 or as many as you like. Hang  to dry, (I hung mine in the sun, it dry's faster) That's it. Once its dry toss in the dryer for your next load. Like I said, my "sheet" did approximately 10 loads before it needed renewed. That was quick and painless.

Pour enough on the wash cloth to soak the whole thing, squeeze any excess on the next sheet or back in the bottle

Mmmmm! Doesn't that smell good! 

Ps. Your hands will smell good too, after you wring out the cloth. So if you are sensitive, you might want to use gloves, because your hands will smell for quite awhile! ;)


  1. I realize this is almost a year old post, but I just came across your website this morning while i was looking for a homemade washing powder recipe, and I started looking around. I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE this idea I am just wondering if this sheet has ever caused fabric softener spots on any of your clothing? Thanks so much for this idea!

    1. Hi Stampsfam,
      You are welcome :)
      I haven't had any spots on my clothes and I've been using them all along. Even though I made my newest Powdered Laundry Detergent with the Gain scent crystals, I am still going to use these!
      When I make them,I do sit them outside to dry (in the summer it takes about a day to dry) or in the winter they go out to the garage (to powerful for me in the house but I'm sensitive to smells anymore, but it sure does make the garage smell good :) It takes about 2 days to dry out there) Just make sure they are dry and you should be fine.
      Thanks for reading my posts!!


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