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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saving those Glue Lids

So I have been doing a lot of re-painting of my Lawn & Garden ornaments lately (they really needed it!!) I love collecting Gnomes (would love to collect more ;) ) and I have a few Flower Fairies, but I have  a lot of other things too that I have collected along the way,and I've put off painting them long enough, they needed a face lift, this year, plain and simple...
I chose really bright fun colors because I wanted them to stand out, I don't have any flowers planted yet and I want some color

Sad  :( Gnome in need of some fresh paint

While browsing Pinterest one day I saw a really cool and simple idea for my acrylic paints that I use...Glue lids in place of the paint lid...(why didn't I think of that??!?) my only problem is.... I only have one glue lid  :( from the bottle that I used for the Homemade Flubber 

Sooo I asked my sister (who works at a school) if she had access to the lids, you know when the kids throw away the glue...I didn't mean she should steal all the glue bottles hehehe, or did I?  Just kidding! Anywho she said they mostly use the glue sticks or hot glue guns now :/  now what!? I'm not going out and buying a bunch of glue, that's for sure! Maybe I'll ask my neighbor, I heard she is a teacher. Or maybe some of my readers that are my Facebook Friends that have kids and live close by can save their glue bottles for me hint, hint ;) or you can send them in the mail, if you want. :D 
As you can see (below fig.A) sometimes its just a little messy if you only want a small amount of paint to come out. With the glue lids its Very Possible!

(Fig.A)   Messy

TaDa!! Easy Fix :)

Wish I had some for all my paint

My Sitting Gnome

My Bright & Newly Re Painted Gnome

A Yard Sign - Before ..actually they used to be, grey background and the flowers were painted,they weren't very bright! These pictures are after I used some white primer on them.  
Yard Signs - Before



After- My fav.!  :)

I guess I'll just use the bottles and lids that I have, until I get some glue bottles. Sigh.... :D
I have a lot more to paint, and will post pictures as I get them done.

Update 5-27-2012

Look What I have!!! It pays to ask a neighbor, who is a school teacher ;)

Not only do I have a bunch of glue lids for my paint bottles, but I could make a whole lot more of my  Homemade Flubber .... that is my most popular post!

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  1. Hey! Thanks for popping by barks blog! The idea of glue lids on craft paint is freaking genius! I am totally going to try that. I think everyone needs some gnomes, I read somewhere that they bring good luck. We love them so much we even had a gnome theme party for my son's birthday. Seriously, it was pretty awesome.


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