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Monday, February 3, 2014

Leaf Silhouette on Canvas Tutorial

It's been awhile since my last post, I apologize, but I have a full time job now that takes up most of my time.  Before I started my job I had a couple projects in the making that I've wanted to post for awhile now, so here is one of them. I'm sure some of you have seen something similair on Pinterest. Here is my version....

You will need:

Canvas (mine was 11x 14) I have a large wall area to cover, and 8x10 would have looked small!
Spray Paint - your color choice ( I used Krylon Color Master Gloss Purple and Ivory Satin )
Craft Spray Adhesive

Spray the canvas what color you want the base to be.

Let it dry between coats, I did two coats and don't worry about the sides to much with the base color because your top color will cover it anyways.

I let my canvas dry a couple days before I used the adhesive to put the leaves on.

Get an idea where you want the placement of the leaves, before you use the adhesive.

On newspaper, give the leaves a light coat of adhesive (you don't want it to stick forever!) and gently press down all the edges. Some of mine lifted a little but thats okay, it gave it a feathered egde on some leaves.

Spray your top color making sure to get the sides of the canvas.

Let it dry enough that you won't smear the paint, but don't leave the leaves on to long, or they will be harder to get off!

The leaves on the Black Locust (above) lifted while I was spray painting, its okay it still looks good.   You can touch up if you want.

Kimberly Queen Fern  & Maple 
Black Locust  & Dogwood 

These look really good in my master bathroom, and they will look even better once I get around to painting the master suite ... I'm painting my bedroom wall with a life size silhoutte of a bare leafed tree.... I think it will tie in nicely.

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